Ice Cream Day 2.0 at EC Toronto!

Today was ICE CREAM DAY at EC Toronto!!!!


Outdoors the heat is still considerable, but if you browsed around EC Toronto this morning you must have felt a cooler breeze in the air.  And I can assure you that it wasn’t only because of the air conditioning!!!

During the first break EC Toronto celebrated the upcoming end of summer with a freeeezing tasty-party: our Student Ambassadors served ice-cream in the lounge, and everyone had his coloured popsicle or ice cream bar!

EC Toronto’s students and staff had a very good time together – class is easier after a good ice cream!!


Check our EC Toronto facebook page for all the pictures from today’s Ice Cream Party, and tag your friends!

Don’t you wish you could join us for ice cream day and every day? Details are available on our website




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