An Interview with Jason LeHuquet

What is your name? My name is Jason LeHuquet. What is your position at EC Vancouver? I am the Assistant Director of Studies. In a nutshell what do you do in your position? I am mainly responsible for making sure classes are running effectively, and that students and teachers alike are happy in their classes. This means scheduling classes properly, dealing with any problems that might occur, marking tests and placing students in the right level, and developing new and interesting ways to keep EC Vancouver dynamic. When should a student come to see you? A student should come and see me anytime they are unhappy with some aspect of their EC experience involving academics. This means if they feel they are in the wrong level, if there is an issue with the tests, or if they need advice on how to improve more effectively. They can come see me about anything they love about EC as well, and I encourage students to come and tell me about their positive experiences here!

An Interview with Taona Knights

What is your name? My name is Taona Knights. What is your position at EC Vancouver? I am the Director of Studies. In a nutshell what do you do in your position? I oversee the Academic department which means I oversee the study journey of the students and am in charge of the Academic programs. I also oversee the general day to day running of the school; this involves dealing with the intake, placement and level tests, recruitment of new teachers, scheduling and so forth. Another part of my job is to make sure that the teachers have all the necessary tools to be the best teachers they can be, in terms of resources and various training opportunities. When should a student come to see you? Whenever they feel like it, to say hi or bring me coffee :-). More specifically though if they have any questions about their level or academic studies. First it’s always a good idea for them to speak with the teacher as the teacher has a very in depth understanding of their needs, if this doesn’t answer the question then they should come to me.

Craig goes back to Africa

This time next week I will be touching down in Uganda, East-Africa. Over the last 5 months I’ve learned how to do first day orientation, what Elvis is, how to answer random questions about Vancouver, and in general, how to be a part of the EC Vancouver team. However, though I am sad to go, I am also excited what the next adventure has in store for me, and luckily, I will get to come back to EC when I’m finished! Throughout this summer I will be volunteering overseas in Uganda, East-Africa. A few years ago myself and a friend started a charity devoted to helping trades schools that teach underprivileged teenagers in Uganda. This summer I will be based in Mbarara and Kampala Uganda, supervising and monitoring a project that will provide needed infrastructure, classroom resources, and overall support to the Kent Foundation Training Institute. Kent has been operating since 1998; it was started by a retired teacher and bishop who wanted to help give youth the skills needed to find employment or become entrepreneurs. Like EC, Kent is working to give youth the skills they need to be successful, they even teach Business English, or as we would call it, English for work. I am really looking forward to going back to Africa. Every time I go I learn more than I could ever imagine, so not only will I be giving back but I will also absorb a lot, or at least I hope to. My only regret is missing the Vancouver summer, but the hot Ugandan sun will surely make up for it.

Open Door Policy at EC Vancouver

Here at EC Vancouver we have an Open Door Policy, which means that during the breaks and at lunch time students are welcome to go into the office of the person they wish to speak to. For example, if a student wants information about studying and working they would go to Sawako’s office. Of course, if she is already busy with a student we ask that you wait until she is available. Yesterday we posted a blog about Ingmar, our Centre Director, in “An Interview with Ingmar Albig”. We will continue to post blogs from different staff members so that you, the student, can better understand our roles within the school, and who you need to speak to depending on your question. So, please remember that if you need to speak with one of us you can feel free to walk right in. And, if you don’t know who you need to speak with, please remember that is what we, at the front desk, are here for.

Things to do in May – Chinatown Night Markets

What? This summer, the Chinatown Night Market is bringing a heady mix of time-honoured tradition and new school flavour to the festivities on Keefer Street. Live music, storytelling, and Mahjong; new vendors, more food, and some other stuff that wasn’t here last year like outdoor classic movie screenings and epic ping pong tournaments. When? Every weekend from May 17th to September 8th. From 6pm – 11pm. Where? Keefer St., between Main St. and Columbia St., Chinatown, Vancouver

An Interview with Ingmar Albig

What is your name? My name is Ingmar Albig. What is your position at EC Vancouver? I am the Centre Director. In a nutshell what do you do in your position? I oversee the business in general which means I have to prepare and watch the budget, give directions to where the school should go in terms of its services and products we offer and ensure that we have the right people in the right jobs with the right attitude through a thorough recruitment process and continuous managing and training. When should a student come to see you? Students are always welcome to see me for whatever reason it may be. We have an open door policy here at EC. If I was already in a meeting I would kindly ask the student to come later. In general I love speaking to our students to get feedback as well as to learn about the different cultures they are coming from.

Mother’s Day – May 12th

Many Canadians celebrate Mother’s Day by showing their appreciation for mothers or mother figures. Make contact. If you live across the country or overseas, and can’t celebrate with Mom, be sure to send a sweet card and give her a phone call. Perhaps include a gift certificate with the card, or send a small gift. You could even order flowers from one of the many websites that offer those services. But overall, a phone call is a must. Your voice is a wonderful gift to a mother whose baby is far away. Happy Mother’s Day!

Carnival for a Cause – Videos!!

You may have been wondering what ever happened to the Harlem Shake videos we did during Carnival for a Cause, and we apologize for the delay in posting them live for you to view .. but they’re finally here! Please follow these links to watch them: Harlem Shake #1: Harlem Shake #2: Harlem Shake #3: Harlem Shake #4: And finally, the video of the progressive Food Mountain – thanks to all the donations from staff and students! Building a Food Mountain:

Things to do in May – Spring Fling

What? Canada’s largest spring showcase of independent artisans. From handcrafted jewelry to delectable chocolate and everything in-between! From live music, children’s’ entertainment and yes, even a “Men’s Section”! Over 400 Exhibitors! The first 100 Shoppers Each Day Receive a Free Swag Bag! Activities for the Kids! Men’s Section! Showcases From Local Students! Silent Auction / Live Demonstrations / Door Prizes and So Much More! When? Saturday May 11th 10am-8pm Sunday May 12th (Mother’s Day) 10am-5pm Where? @ The Vancouver Convention Center – Under The Sails Early Bird Tickets On Sale Now:

Things to do in May – In the House Festival

What? It’ll be an evening of music and dance, circus and magic! There’ll be libations and nibblies, hurrahs and huzzahs. And very possibly… nay very truly a chocolate fountain or two with chocolate donated by Daniel le Chocolat Belge! There’ll be a silent auction with spectacular prizes. There’ll also be a live auction with even more spectacular prizes. When? Thursday, May 9, 2013 Doors at 7 / Reception 7-8 / Performance 8:00 / Dance party and surprises 9:00 til late! Where? Famee Furlane Hall, 2605 E. Pender St. 40$ in advance / 50$ at the door.