Rosaura Olivia De Leon Diaz: New EC Vancouver Student Ambassador!


What is your name?

– My name is Rosaura Olivia De Leon Diaz.

Tell us something about you.

– I would describe myself as a friendly, optimistic, and helpful person. I like to meet new people, learn about other cultures, experience, new ideas, and simply make new friends.

Why you choose to be a Student ambassador?

– I chose to be a student ambassador because I think this is a great opportunity to improve my English skills and it can be a great opportunity to share ideas to help improve new projects at EC Vancouver.

What is your job as student ambassador?

– Come to introduce myself every Monday to the new students.

– Come to the graduation and participate in the picture taking.

– Organize special events and local excursion for the students.

In your opinion, what is the best activity at EC Vancouver?  Why?

– I think EC Vancouver offers a range of activities that allow students to learn through different ways. I personally to attend conversation and pronunciation club and also enjoy the movies on Mondays.


EC offers various English Courses, including TOEIC in Vancouver.