The hidden gem: Garibaldi lake

Summer is around the corner and, with it, BC’s stunning glacier-fed lakes provide delightful views for the hiking lovers. No need to go all the way to the Rocky Mountains; you can have a taste of its beauty right here in BC.

Garibaldi is a turquoise lake that sits 1,540 metres high; hidden in between snowy mountains and glaciers, it is the perfect destination for those who want to escape from the urban life for a day, or a weekend. There are 50 campsites around the lake (online reservation required) that allow hikers a beautiful home base to explore other nearby lakes like Panorama Ridge.



Located an hour and a half by car from downtown Vancouver, Garibaldi is at the top of an 11 km trail, perfect for medium hikers. It is easily accessible by car, but there is no public transportation so the trail is not overcrowded.
The trail itself is well-marked but can be very narrow closer to the top. It is defined as a medium-difficult hike, so remember to save some energy for the way down!

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