Canadian Word of the week! Tim Hortons/Tim’s

Have you ever heard people say let’s go to “Tim’s” or “Timmies” and wondered if they meant an actual person or a place or even a TV show? Here in Canada, we refer to Tim Hortons coffee chain and fast food restaurant as simply Tim’s or Timmies.

Canadians use slang words like Double-Double, Triple-Triple, Timmies, Tim’s, and Loonie or Toonie to denote different abbreviations and idioms.

Tim Hortons was founded in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario and stands out as truly Canadian because it was co-Founded by Tim Horton, a Canadian ice hockey player and Ron Joyce, a Canadian entrepreneur. Today, there are over 4,800 franchisees in Canada, USA and all over the globe.

Tim Hortons has various items on their menus from sandwiches, pastries, donuts, to cold and hot drinks like tea, coffee, or the popular Ice Cap.

Expression used in a sentence :

  • Let’s meet at Timmies before class.
  • Can you please get me a large double-double from Timmies?
  • I’m going to pull an all nighter at Tim’s to study for the exam.
  • I like to drink Ice Caps from Tim’s because its refreshing and cools me down in the summer.


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