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How to Write a Professional Email in English

Email is definitely the most popular form of written communication in the business world. Writing emails in anything but your mother tongue can be stressful and a little scary at first, but don’t worry – practise makes perfect and we’re going to look at a few ways to help you conquer writing emails! If you’re … Read more

Learn English in London: Top Events in 2017!

  London, the iconic capital of England, is a cosmopolitan marvel with a rich history stretching back to Roman times. From the imposing Houses of Parliament, to the majestic ‘Big Ben’ clock tower and awe-inspiring Westminster Abbey, you’ll never be short of sights and sounds to experience in this unique city and cultural melting pot. … Read more

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The Best English Books of 2016

  Get cosy this winter with some tea and a good book to help you improve your English skills. While it may seem intimidating to read an entire book in English, it is great for mastering fluency. You can even keep a notebook full of words you may not understand to help you with your … Read more

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EC’s Top 10 Free English Lessons of 2016

Well haven’t you all been busy little Learn English bees this year? It doesn’t matter if you’re a past student, future member of the EC family, or are already studying at EC English Language Centres – practising your skills and testing your knowledge of the language as often as possible is important! Learn English is … Read more


EC’s Best Blogs of 2016

Wow – it’s certainly been a busy year for all the students and teachers at EC English Language Centres! But we know that you’ve been busy too, working hard and learning all about the skills you need to succeed, and finding out about the best places to learn English abroad. To celebrate the end of … Read more

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10 Unusual Christmas Facts from Around the World!

  Here at EC English Language Centres, our schools across the world are getting ready to celebrate Christmas. To help prepare, we’ve put together a list of some interesting and unusual facts about this fun-filled holiday. USA 1. According to the Guinness World Records, the tallest Christmas tree ever was a 221-foot Douglas fir that … Read more

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6 Reasons to Study English Abroad

Exploring a new country and all the exciting sights and sounds it has to offer is something we should all experience at least once in a lifetime – preferably more than once, though! Learning English abroad is described by thousands of students each year as one of the most enriching experiences they’ve ever had. Let’s take … Read more

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12 Christmas Classics to Improve your English

The festive season is a time for love, giving, compassion, and good cheer. If you’d like to improve your English this December, check out these 13 Christmas favourites that promise to warm your heart, enrich your vocabulary, and help test your listening skills! 1 | A Christmas Carol   Probably the most well-known and best … Read more

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Christmas Around the EC World

Whether you’re studying at EC English Language Centres, or are just curious about what the festive season is like in some of the world’s most iconic English-speaking destinations, you’ll definitely learn something new about Christmas today. Let’s go! The US The USA is a multi-cultural giant, with many popular Christmas traditions coming from all over … Read more

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6 Cities to Visit This Winter

Don’t let the winter blues get you down! From beautiful beaches to the world’s oldest, most prestigious university city, make the most out of the colder months by choosing a course in one of our 24 stunning EC destinations around the world. Malta Visit this beautiful island in the heart of the Mediterranean in off-season to … Read more