Ashley, an SSC, will leave on the 24th!

ECLA says “farewell” to Ashley, beloved SSC.

  EC Los Angeles is sad to say goodbye to Ashley Uy, who has been with EC Los Angeles for two years.  Shortly after coming on board, she took on the role of leading our Young Learner Program, which she has successfully executed over the last two years. Ashley’s last day will be Tuesday, 24 … Read more

Keisuke, our intern.

Intern update from Keisuke!

And now, an intern update from Kei!   Hi, I’m in charge of blog today. I will describe about internship at EC. Although I have been at EC for about 4 months as a student service intern, I enjoy working at the front desk every day. For example, students talk to me about everything and … Read more

Rain in LA!

Los Angeles, California – city of rain???

  Los Angeles, California. A city known for fame, fortune, beautiful people and beautiful weather. A city that boasts winter temperatures of 65 degrees F and around 287 days of sun a year has now turned into a rainy wonderland! California has been suffering from almost 6 years of drought, but this winter season, we … Read more

This is our new front desk!

New Year, New School!

Over the winter vacation, EC Los Angeles staff worked hard moving the 3rd floor part of the school down to the 2nd floor. On January 3rd, we officially opened entirely on the 2nd floor! This remodel comes after months of planning and hard work, and we at EC Los Angeles are so excited to share … Read more

Visit this wondrous instillation!

Around LA: Dec 9 – Dec 11

Here is what’s going on in LA this weekend! Friday Enchanted: Forest of Light Location: Descanso Gardens Price: $24-$28 Time: 5:00PM Just in time for the winter holidays, Descanso Gardens has created and amaizng, interactive illumination. Visit the famous gardens at night and walk through a whimsical, lit-up botanical garden. Saturday Bergamot Station Holiday Open House … Read more

Mako Irie

Time to say goodbye to Japanese intern,Mako

      Hi I’m Mako.   I have been working as an intern at EC since the beginning of February.Then as my time at EC comes to an end, I want to say thank you through our blog. I am now typing while looking back days in Los Angeles and it slightly brings me … Read more

Do you remember things in hindsight?

Wednesday Word of the Day: Hindsight

hind·sight /ˈhīn(d)ˌsīt/ noun Definition: understanding of a situation or event after it has happened or developed. The word hindsight is a fairly recent word originating in the 1800s. One of the first documentations of the word actually refers to “backsight” as in “backsight of a firearm.” The word hind is synonymous with back. Later on in … Read more

las vegas 3

Las Vegas Report from our intern,Keisuke

  From Nov 24th to 27th, I went to Las Vegas, which is called “City of sin Casino” .haha. This was my 3rd time there,but actually, it was my 1st time after my 21st birthday to go to night clubs and casinos. Also, I planed to meet my friend from UCI there.That’s why I was … Read more

Welcome 2017!

Welcome to December – An ECLA year in Review

  Can you believe it’s already December? Here is a review of EC Los Angeles 2016! This year at EC Los Angeles has been full of many interesting and exciting changes. In the beginning of this year, we welcomed our popular intern, Mako from Japan (who will be leaving us shortly!). In the second quarter, … Read more