Slang Phrase of the Week!

This week’s American Slang Phrase is commonly used among college students. This phrase can sometimes mean using little effort, and when college students get lazy that is what they want to do!   Phrase: Kill two birds with one stone Meaning: Completing two tasks at once with only one effort Example: “I’ll kill two birds … Read more


Weekend Events

This is the last weekend before University classes begin! Campus will come alive again as all of the students return from Winter break! Don’t miss out on any of these FREE activities happening all weekend!   Friday, January 20th Open Recreation When: 9am-4pm Where: Lee Hall Gymnasium What: Bring dry sneakers. Open gym   Art … Read more


What is Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

You have the day off from school.. but why? Martin Luther King Jr. was an extremely important man in America’s history. January 15th is Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday, and that is why we celebrate on that day. It is observed as the 3rd Monday on January each year. He was most known as being … Read more


Weekly Activities!

This is the last week before all the University students return for the Spring semester! There are still plenty of sporting events and activities to attend on campus to keep you busy after class and on the weekends! Here is this week’s activity calendar: Attend a sporting event and wear your SUNY Oswego gear to … Read more


It’s the weekend!

Happy Weekend! We had 2 new students arrive this week, so this weekend is a great opportunity for them to attend some events around campus and get more acquainted. Here are some of this weekend’s happenings!   Friday, January 13th (Friday the 13th.. spooky!) Open Recreation When: 9am-4pm Where: Lee Hall Gym What: Bring dry … Read more


Slang Phrase

This week’s American Slang Phrase is commonly used, and has to do with decision making.   Phrase: Stuck between a rock and a hard place Meaning: in a difficult position, facing a hard decision Example: “I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place because my mom doesn’t want me to go see that movie, … Read more


Weekly Events

Monday means a new weekly activity calendar! University students are still on break, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do! Go out and participate in some activities to make new friends, and practice your English! Make the most of your time at SUNY Oswego   EC Oswego offers on campus ESL courses for students.


Weekend Events!

This was a short week of classes because we had Monday off, but that means you’re even closer to the weekend! This weekend¬†is filled with sporting events to attend, open recreation, and more. There is a lot to do to keep busy, and immerse yourself in the SUNY Oswego student lifestyle!   Friday, January 6th … Read more


Slang Phrase

This week’s American slang phrase is one that is not heard as often as it used to be, but is still commonly known.   Phrase: Rip off, to be ripped off Meaning: Paying too much for something Example: “I’m not going to the concert anymore. Tickets are such a rip off.. they’re $300 each!” Many … Read more


Weekly Activities!

Happy new year! We are starting this year off with this weeks activity calendar! University students are still on Winter Break, so campus is a little different right now! But don’t worry, there is still plenty going on to keep yourself occupied after classes! EC Oswego gives you the opportunity to learn English on campus … Read more