Janina’s Life in Vancouver

Janina is a Swiss student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story: Trips and Activities in Vancouver It was my first time in Canada and I wanted to see more than just Vancouver. In order to do so, I booked tours with Discover Canada Tours, which offers a range of trips to … Read more


Seoyeong’s Life in Vancouver

  Seoyeong is a Korean student here at EC this year, who volunteered to share with us about her life in Vancouver. Here is her story: Life in Vancouver I arrived in Vancouver on December 3rd. I’m here to learn English. I have stayed here for over a month. I think that this city is … Read more

113 Tristan

Tristan’s Friends in Vancouver

Tristan is a French student, who has made some great friends in Vancouver. This is what he had to say about the people he met: My life in Vancouver is very different from my life in France. My first thought about making new friends in Vancouver was “I can’t find friend like this in my … Read more


Annika’s EC Memories

Annika is a Swiss student who graduated from EC Vancouver this year. Here is her story: Friends Made in Canada I spent 3 months in Vancouver and met a lot of new friends from nearly all around the world – Korea, Japan, Brazil, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, etc. I’m sure we will stay close … Read more


Anne-Florence’s EC Memories

Anne-Florence is a Swiss student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story: Trips and Activities Enjoyed in Canada In Canada, especially in Vancouver, you can enjoy a wide range of cultural and outdoor activities. The Rocky Mountains trip was the most impressive and memorable experience in my last three months in Vancouver. … Read more


Till’s EC Vancouver Experience

  Till is a Swiss student here at EC Vancouver, and he would like to share about his experience. Here is Till’s story: Hey, I have the pleasure of the telling you about my experience here in Vancouver. I live in Zürich, the biggest city in Switzerland, and I used to work as a social … Read more


Kazumi’s Christmas in Vancouver

Kazumi is a Japanese student who wanted to share about her impression of Christmas in Vancouver. Here is her story: Last Saturday, I went to the Christmas market at Canada place. In Japan, I seldom see such a market, so I really wanted to go there. In the market, I could see several types of … Read more


Pedro’s Hobby in Vancouver

  Pedro is a Brazilian student here at EC Vancouver, wants to share about his favorite hobby. Here is his story: My Hobby In my opinion, everybody needs to enjoy their hobbies. It´s very important because it makes you feel more relaxed and comfortable, and it can help you to improve your skills. Nowadays, my … Read more


Masato’s English Studies

  Masato is a Japanese student here at EC Vancouver. He happily offered to share about his experience practicing English outside of the classroom Here is his story:   Studying English outside of Class I often go to drink at a pub or a bar. There are a lot of ways to learn English there. … Read more


Kanata’s EC Vancouver Friends

  Kanata is a Japanese student here at EC Vancouver. He has decided to write about the awesome friends he made here in EC Vancouver Here is his story:   Friends made at EC Vancouver  I was able to make a lot of friends. That’s why it’s too difficult for me to talk about my … Read more