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7 Myths About Canada (and the truth behind each one)

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Are you thinking of studying English in Canada? From Vancouver to Montreal and Toronto, we have schools in Canada’s best cities, so take your pick! But before you leave, check out these interesting myths and facts about this amazing country.

1. Isn’t Canada cold?

The northern parts of Canada stay frozen most of the year, but most of the population of Canada lives in the south of the country, close to the US border where there are actually 4 distinct seasons. In fact, Vancouver tends to have mild winters with mostly rain and very little snow and summers that can reach up to 25 degrees. Toronto and Montreal summers can reach an average of 28 degrees but see lower temperatures in the winter.

2. Do you know a guy named George?

Canada is the second largest country in the world, so that Canadian person you meet probably doesn’t know your cousin’s friend from 10 years ago who you think lives in a place called BC (British Columbia). Canada has an extremely diverse population, with over 30 million people in the nation, you’ll meet people from all over the world!

3. Everyone plays hockey.

Ice hockey is only one of our national sports – the oldest national sport in Canada is actually lacrosse, a game played by passing a ball between players using long-handled sticks with nets on the end. While hockey has a reputation for being a violent game, lacrosse is actually no different, with full padding required for men’s games because of the body contact involved in the sport. If you’re set on seeing a hockey game, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks fans have a passionate rivalry that is always fun to watch!

4. Doesn’t everyone in Canada speak French?

Having two official languages doesn’t mean everyone speaks both English and French, in fact, outside of Quebec very few people speak French. Montreal is the largest bilingual city in the world, and don’t forget you can study English, French, or both at EC Montreal!

5. Toronto is the capital of Canada.

The Parliament Buildings in Ottowa, Ontario

While Toronto is the most populated and probably most famous city in Canada, the capital of the country is actually located in Ottawa, also in the province of Ontario. It was chosen in 1857 to be the seat of government by Queen Victoria herself, and has remained so ever since. Nonetheless, Toronto is still seen as the heart of the action in Canada, both due to its long history and reputation as the economic centre of the country.

6. I thought the police all wore red and rode horses.

We have both our local police forces, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, also called ‘Mounties’, who are a national force. The Mounties wear red coats and ride horses, but aren’t all that common to see on the streets, especially in Ontario and Quebec.

7. Don’t you all live in igloos and ride a moose to school?

Igloos were never used by Canadians, they were built by the native Inuit people who inhabited the northern regions of Canada and Russia for shelter while on short hunting or fishing trips. We unfortunately don’t ride moose to school (that would be awesome), but don’t be surprised if you wake up to see a moose or two in your backyard!

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