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EC's Online English Course – Student Review

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Nina shares her experiences improving her English online with EC Virtual.

My name is Nina; I am from Germany and I have planned to do this language trip since a very long time. I have done another language trip to Scotland once and it was a great experience. Therefore, I decided to do a further trip to refresh my English, especially my English for work skills, as I need them in my Recruiting – Job. I wanted to combine this with a trip out of Europe, new travel experience and a personal break from my everyday life. I also love nature and for all these reasons, EC in Toronto was an easy choice.

When I arrived the COVID-19 pandemic had already arrived in Europe, but it seemed to be better in Canada and so there was no moment where I thought about cancelling it. However, the events came thick and fast with very similar actions in comparison to Germany. But before I could really get nervous about the consequences for me in person, I got the information from EC via social media that classes were supposed to be online.

And here I am, enjoying the online English classes for two weeks now and feel really grateful for this. The teachers are awesome, classes are well prepared, the usage of Teams is easy going and even though I was not that bad in English before, I really see the progress. I like the mixture of grammar and practices to sound more fluent, the group discussions as well as the combination with the specific English for work part.

There are so many topics and new ideas coming up, you would never talk about with your friends and of course, the mixture of the different nationalities does the rest. Even though I haven’t seen them so far, we are all in a similar situation and try to make the best of it. Reading, listening and writing are also fun for homework.

Although this trip was planned to be completely different – you know seeing the people in person, making friends, travelling and so much more – I would still say, it is worth it. The situation wouldn’t be different elsewhere and at least you can spend those days in a very effective way. The guys from EC support you at any time in a very professional, friendly and fast way, which makes you feel to be in good hands.

Nina from Germany

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