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Thank you, teachers, on World Teacher’s Day

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We’re celebrating Teacher’s Day

We all have a favourite teacher, and today, we are celebrating all teachers, whatever their subject.

We have hundreds of teachers at EC language schools across our 22 centres; all experts in improving the English language skills of people from around the world, helping them find their voice and improve their education opportunities, social lives and career prospects. Each one of them picked because of their personality and teaching ability. We believe in lifelong learning and like any subject, you need to keep practicing to improve.

We have classes for young children, teens, those who need to better their language skills to go to university and a 30+ and even a 50+ offering for those looking to improve their work or home life. Our team can guide you through the course that is right for you! Remember, while you are learning a language you also learn other skills too and make friends from all over the world. So you see, we can help you start, improve and perfect your mission to speak English – and you can choose to repeat your experience in the same school or choose a different location – indeed country – each time!

Our teachers really are special, we have tons of comments from past students of all ages and from all countries, who felt they didn’t just learn a language, but learned about the history and culture of the place they studied, they felt they could communicate better and gained confidence as well as made new friends. We have teachers here at EC who were once students too, they loved being here so much! One of them had this to say: “I feel like teaching is a great way to give people something at the same time as engage with people. I’m a people person so I love meeting new people and to not just create an experience that is enjoyable but also enrich people with the power of the English language is great, I love my job.” Search for us on YouTube and you can hear more!

We’re constantly learning ourselves; our teachers have regular training to keep them up to speed with new trends, new teaching methods and technologies – did you know we offer English classes online, in-person in the UK, Malta, USA, South Africa and Canada. We have the highest spec AV equipment and interactive Touchscreen TVs in every classroom in every centre and all our classrooms have AC and heating and of course free Wi-Fi.

We even teach people to become teachers with our TESOL teacher training courses in Toronto and London enabling them to work in this ever growing industry.

We invite all EC students, old and new, to join us on Facebook and leave a comment about your teachers – let them know how much you care!

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