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Take an English course in Dublin, give yourself the green light

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Learn English in Dublin

Learn English in a high-tech school, in Dublin, one of the most relaxed cities in Europe.

Making the decision to learn or improve your English can never be a bad one; but where to do it can be. Choosing a destination is key to the experience you will have, and ultimately, the success you will enjoy.

At EC, we have many locations, each has its individual merits, but all our schools have modern, well-equipped classrooms, with large screen AV to give an interactive learning experience. Our Dublin English school is based right in the city, and our team are known for the warm Irish welcome they give to students throughout their time with us. They help you find your feet by sharing advice on places to go from parks to museums, to shops and scenic places, to live entertainment and music venues, which of course, are all opportunities to use your English! Dublin is known as a fun city, its green spaces are plenty and the transport system makes exploring it, easy.

You often hear companies talking about themselves as a big family, and we truly are. We don’t stop caring once you choose us, indeed, we nurture your ambition to learn English, and give you the individual time and tools to do so. We know what a difference our courses can make to your life, your education, your career, your hobbies, and we invest heavily in our centers, our staff and in each student, whatever their motivation is for learning.

We help you settle in and during the course you will learn more than just grammar and vocabulary, you will find your voice and be able to express yourself in English. Our courses give you the opportunity to make friendships with like-minded people from around the world and create memories you will cherish.

An old Irish saying is ‘may the most you wish for, be the least you get,’ and we strive to motivate you and inspire you to wish big! By working together at our English school in Dublin, we know you will achieve your goals.

Our friendly team are waiting to welcome you to EC Dublin, get in touch if you have any questions.

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