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Make your Summer before University / gap year count.

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You have finished school and what an emotional ride! Hopefully, you are glad to have finished the chapter but will miss some of the characters. You might not miss the journey to school, but the next stop may mean living where you learn!

what to do on gap year

Awaiting your results and choosing your university are a stressful time and some choose to embark on a gap year, but why not distract yourself by improving your English in this free time? Choose a location where you can have fun after class too and you will not be wasting a minute of your life.

Having good English may not be required directly for your degree course, but it will for sure be a necessity in your place of work which today seems far away, but during your degree course, you are unlikely to have time for subjects that are not on your curriculum.

Having English on your CV means you can work anywhere in the world; all major organisations communicate in it and having this skill will not only put yours higher up the pile, but also means you have one less obstacle to get over for international roles and promotions.

A language is not something that takes one week to learn, it is something to be built on and improved for years. With new hobbies, contacts and situations, new vocabulary is required. Methods of learning are constantly being revised and we offer online and in person classes; and as a young adult, your priorities and needs change and we understand that.

make new friends and learn English

We have English schools in the USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Ireland and Malta; all have something extra to offer and you won’t be alone!  Choose a destination that can offer you something else too, learn to dance in the USA, cook in the UK, forage in Canada, design in South Africa, sing in Ireland and dive in Malta…. max out your Summer with a multitude of experiences that will enable you to grow and learn responsibilities too.

If you are heading to a uni that does require English at a particular level, at our Cambridge location, we offer a dedicated UniBridge course which teaches a Standard course with 20 lessons per week or an Intensive option which offers 30 lessons per week and 10 Exam Skills Lessons, and where better to do it than at one of the world’s finest University cities.

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