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UniBridge Pre-University Course


Bridge the gap – get ready for University

If you're hoping to study at university or want to focus on academic English, this course will give you the skills and language you require to be successful in a university environment.

As well as the essential General English skills, you can tailor your course to suit your needs by choosing any of our academic modules.

In smaller groups, you could be focusing on researching and writing essays, presentation skills, general university skills or many more.

With our built-in lectures, online portfolios, tutorials and ongoing support, you can get a real taste for university life.

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Our UniBridge course is available in


Your Programme Options

Choose to study 20 or 30 lessons per week on our Standard and Intensive programmes. You can also choose supercharge your studies with your choice of one or two additional Modules.


Your ePortfolio, which is accessible through Microsoft Teams, is a tangible reflection of your learning journey, multimedia evidence of your writing, speaking, presentations, projects and collaborations. It can be used to:

 Identify and monitor your goals, keep a record of how you work towards your goals, develop self-assessment skills, and provide evidence of your skills in using the language
 Receive feedback on your work from your teacher
 Reflect on your progress and even share your work with classmates for further feedback
 See your own progress as you move through the lessons of each Module
 Produce either presentations, essays or videos which you can share with prospective universities

Add Additional Modules

Make the most of your time in Cambridge by adding additional Modules of your choice up to a maximum of 4 Modules a week. Each Module is 4 lessons per week.


Course length 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 weeks
Course start dates every 4 weeks
Modules run on a 4-week basis
Lecture runs on week 3 of the 4-week Module
General English, 15 students per class maximum
Module 8 students per class maximum
Lecture 30 students per class maximum
Minimum entry level: Elementary

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University Placement Service

Benefit from expert counselling including:

In depth personal guidance to help you choose the right university course to suit your aspirations

Help with the application process by highlighting the areas that are essential for a successful application as well as assisting with references and 'Statement of Purpose'.

Assistance with processing visa applications


Choose 2 (Standard) or 4 (Intensive) Modules as part of every 4-week course. *More modules available including Life at University, Basic Presentation Skills, Basic Essay Writing and Poster Presentation Skills. Modules are subject to change.

  • Preparing for University

    Moving from school to university is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Choosing the correct course and institution, and ensuring you get a place in the correct course can be challenging. In this module you will learn the skills you need to research and evaluate a rang of courses and universities, and you’ll have the opportunity to speak to advisors. You'll also learn to write a personal statement that really highlights your attributes and achievements, and you'll create a video profile that you can use to apply to your ideal university course.

    Learn to:
    ✓ Research universities and courses
    ✓ Write a personal statement
    ✓ Make a video profile

  • Listening Skills

    Lectures are the cornerstone of any university course but moving from a traditional classroom to a lecture hall can be dauting. In this module you will prepare yourself for this transition by learning key listening skills like how to follow a lecture and how to take effective notes. But more so than just following the lecture, you will learn to use your prior knowledge and research to understand and engage with the content of the lecture.

    Lectures will occur in week 3 of every 4-week module and will cover a range of interesting topics including culture, history and international relations, and will be given by speakers from EC and guest lecturers. You will also be given a related task by your teachers, so you will have a good reason to listen carefully, take notes and discuss.

    Learn to:
    ✓ To follow a lecture
    ✓ Note-taking skills

  • Presentation Skills

    One of the key skills in any university is making a presentation, either in front of your peers or lecturers. In this course you will learn how to structure and signpost your presentation so it is easy for your audience to follow you; you will learn how to use your voice and intonation to engage you audience and you will learn to interact with your audience, giving them tasks or answering their questions.

    All of this will ensure you are ready to deliver engaging presentations that your peers and lecturers can easily follow.

    Learn to:
    ✓ Structure a presentation
    ✓ Keep your audience’s attention
    ✓ Interact with your audience

  • Advanced Presentation Skills

    Building on the skills from the Presentation Skills module, you will learn to take your presentations to the next level. In this module you will learn to create engaging visuals for your slides; you'll learn toeffectively present and challenge viewpoints and to deal with more challenging questions from your audience.

    This will help you to present on more complex topics and ensure your viewpoints are supported and considered.

    Learn to:
    ✓ Present & challenge viewpoints
    ✓ Tailor your presentation to your audience
    ✓ Deal with challenging questions

  • Poster Presentation Skills

    More and more in university life, students are being asked to create a poster to support their presentations. Doing so effectively means bringing together a variety of skills, both design and presentation. In this module, you will learn how to lay out your poster; how to plan and edit your content (both text and visuals) and how to present your content so it is visually eye-catching without being overwhelming for your audience.

    Learn to:
    ✓ Plan and edit a poster
    ✓ Lay out a poster
    ✓ Write a poster
    ✓ Give an engaging poster presentation

  • Basic Essay Writing

    Throughout university, undergraduates are expected to produce lengthy academic essays on a range of topics and fields. It is important that your ideas are presented in an organised manner, taking into account your audience. In this module, you will learn how to structure an essay; how to connect your ideas and paragraphs and how to write and support your topic sentences. You will also be introduced to basic research and citation skills.

    This will ensure that your essays are not only easy for your audience to follow but also informative and based on researched ideas.

    Learn to:
    ✓ Structure an essay
    ✓ Connect your ideas and paragraphs
    ✓ Write topic sentences
    ✓ Support your topic sentences

  • Reading & Research

    One of the most overwhelming aspects of university life can be the amount of reading and research that is expected of new undergraduates. In this module you will learn reading skills that you can apply to longer texts; you’ll learn to critically assess these texts, asking questions of the authors and contexts; you’ll learn to collate and summarise information from a range of sources and present your findings clearly and concisely.

    Learn to:
    ✓ Critically assess a text
    ✓ Apply reading skills to longer texts
    ✓ Cite sources
    ✓ Summarise and present findings

  • Advanced Essay Writing

    Having mastered the basic organisation of paragraphs and arguments, you can now move to learning to plan and edit longer academic essays. In this module you will learn to present and evaluate a viewpoint effectively; how to use research and sources to challenge or support a viewpoint and how to avoid repetition throughout your essays. 
    These skills will prove invaluable when producing longer academic texts based on numerous sources.

    Learn to:
    ✓ Structure an essay
    ✓ Avoid repetition
    ✓ Present and evaluate viewpoints effectively
    ✓ Cite sources

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