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English Now Your path to English language success

English for further education, global success and the workplace!

English Now is an ideal choice for those seeking a unique educational experience. Whether you aim to pursue higher education, excel in a global context, or thrive in the professional world, English Now is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

In addition to fundamental General English skills, English Now offers the flexibility to customize your curriculum by selecting from various modules.

In smaller class settings, you can concentrate on honing research, writing, and note-taking abilities, preparing you for university-level work.

Alternatively, you can develop your workplace presentation skills or enhance your conversational English and delve into cross-cultural communication to bolster your global success prospects.

Within these smaller groups, you'll work with digital portfolios, enabling you to monitor your progress and showcase it to potential academic institutions or employers.

Each module provides you with essential 21st-century competencies, such as collaboration, critical thinking, and intercultural communication, setting you on the path to success, regardless of your objectives.

Additionally, by attending free lectures on various subjects, you can expand your understanding of the English language and the broader world.

Our English Now course is available in


Your Programme Options

Choose to study 20 or 30 lessons per week on our Standard and Intensive programmes. You can also choose supercharge your studies with your choice of one or two additional Modules.


Your ePortfolio, which is accessible through Microsoft Teams, is a tangible reflection of your learning journey, multimedia evidence of your writing, speaking, presentations, projects and collaborations. It can be used to:

 Identify and monitor your goals, keep a record of how you work towards your goals, develop self-assessment skills, and provide evidence of your skills in using the language
 Receive feedback on your work from your teacher
 Reflect on your progress and even share your work with classmates for further feedback
 See your own progress as you move through the lessons of each Module
 Produce either presentations, essays or videos which you can share with prospective universities

Add Additional Modules

Make the most of your time in Cambridge by adding additional Modules of your choice up to a maximum of 4 Modules a week. Each Module is 4 lessons per week.


Course length 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 weeks
Course start dates every 4 weeks
Modules run on a 4-week basis
Lecture runs on week 3 of the 4-week Module
General English, 15 students per class maximum
Module 8 students per class maximum
Lecture 30 students per class maximum
Minimum entry level: Elementary

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University Placement Service

Benefit from expert counselling including:

In depth personal guidance to help you choose the right university course to suit your aspirations

Help with the application process by highlighting the areas that are essential for a successful application as well as assisting with references and 'Statement of Purpose'.

Assistance with processing visa applications

English Now Modules

Choose modules that meet your needs and help you to achieve your goal of Further Education, Global Success, or the Workplace. Below is a sample of the range of modules available to choose from.

  • Advanced Presentation Skills

    Learn to:
    ✓ Present & challenge viewpoints
    ✓ Tailor your presentation to your audience
    ✓ Deal with challenging questions

  • Advanced Essay Writing

    Learn to:
    ✓ Structure an essay
    ✓ Avoid repetition
    ✓ Present and evaluate viewpoints effectively
    ✓ Cite sources

  • Speaking for Social Situations

    Learn to:
    ✓ Introduce yourself
    ✓ Explain and discuss your interests
    ✓ Make small talk on a range of topics
    ✓ Give spoken reviews of films, books, tv shows, events, etc.

  • Additional Modules

    Below is a list of just some of the exciting modules you can choose as part of your English Now course.

    ✓ Basic writing skills
    ✓ Debating and arguing
    ✓ Extensive reading
    ✓ An introduction to essay writing
    ✓ Reading and research
    ✓ Life at university
    ✓ Making poster presentations
    ✓ Effective emailing
    ✓ Communication in the workplace
    ✓ Meeting Skills
    ✓ Job seekers

Sample Timetable

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