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The support teams at EC English schools

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The mental health of our students is not something we just pay lip service to. We know, after over 30 years in business, that all sorts of issues plague people, whatever their age and background, and being away from home can magnify these.

Not having your usual support mechanism of family and friends and familiar surroundings can make learning tough, and you know what you went through to get to this point and don’t want to waste the opportunity. So what can you do to stay well and stay focused? Well, we’re here to reassure you that we are on your side. We’re your squad, your team, your cheerleaders, and your coaches.

We are more than just English language schools; we are here to help you gain confidence and independence and to help you find your voice and to support you all the way, from your very first contact to way after your graduation. We want you to have a great experience, not just in the classroom, but socially and in your home from home too.

We have teams of people ready to help you and guide you – and help sort any anything we can to make your stay with us, a happy and rewarding one.

Your Accommodation Team are the ones who make you feel at home, in your new home. They can help you choose which location and indeed, which of the living spaces suits you best. They pride themselves in their local knowledge, so ask them anything! If something isn’t right, or you just aren’t comfortable, please do speak up! There’s nothing worse than dreading going home.

Your Central Academic Team is responsible for ensuring that the latest research and technologies are incorporated into our curriculum across all our courses, and that you are in the right level, learning at the right pace. This feeds into your Teaching Team who are passionate about working with people from all over the world, helping them to achieve their goals and find their voice. Our teachers will not only teach you English, but also help you to develop the learning skills you need to set goals, reflect on success and continue to learn outside the classroom, setting you up for success at EC and beyond. Sometimes it can be frustrating if you think it’s too easy – and also if you think it is too hard. Your learning is reviewed on an ongoing basis and whilst you have to trust the teacher’s experience, if you are really struggling or not enjoying your class for any other reason, let your teacher know.

The Student Services Team are ready to help you make the most of your experience; to venture with you, with new people, to new places, their goal is for you to have a great time, while putting your English skills into action. They are the ones that know the destination, the best places to go and the ones to avoid and are really like a hotel concierge – able to solve almost any problem. They’re always in the reception areas so you always have easy access to them.

So, we do hope you have the best experience and know that we ready with our skills and experience and a cup of coffee when you need us.

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