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Exploring San Francisco While Learning English: A Guide to EC San Francisco Language School

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In the famous ‘Tales of the City’ fictional series, the characters have lots of interesting stories to share from the colourful and diverse neighbourhoods that exist. From the Victorian houses in the Haight-Ashbury neighbourhood to the vibrant Latino culture in the Mission district, San Francisco is a city of many areas, each with its own distinct character. The city has undergone significant gentrification since the time of the books, but fans of the series will get a kick out of searching for Mrs Madrigal’s house and retracing their favourite character’s steps. 

One of the main advantages of studying at EC San Francisco English Language School is the location. San Francisco is a vibrant and culturally rich city, with plenty of opportunities for students to explore and practice their English skills in real-world settings; the city’s diverse population complements our student mix and making it an ideal destination for language learners. 

The city’s packed social calendar means you can pick different activities every day of the week from  music and food festivals, to cultural events as well as sports.  EC San Francisco often gets a group together to watch a local sports team – it’s an affordable and fun way to connect with the local community. Check out the activities calendar at the school and see what’s planned. 

Hiking, biking, and picnicking are all great ways to enjoy the outdoors without spending a lot of money and you get to see a different side of the city too and one of the best ways to spend your free time? Helping others of course! Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, gain new skills, and make a positive impact in the community you are temporarily calling home. Look for opportunities with local non-profits and community organisations or ask the team at the school for their suggestions. 

The school is a well-regarded English language school, with a reputation for high-quality language instruction and a diverse student body and offers a variety of English language courses, ranging from General English to Business English and Exam Preparation courses. 

Another advantage of studying at EC San Francisco is the school’s experienced and dedicated teaching staff. The teachers at EC San Francisco are highly qualified and experienced in teaching English as a second language, and they use a variety of teaching methods and materials to help students improve their language skills. 

With so many opportunities to practise your new skill in every day scenarios doing things you enjoy, your learning journey will be a fun filled adventure at EC San Francisco! 

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