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When you learn English abroad with EC, we guarantee your English will improve. The EC Promise is our commitment to helping you reach your goals. We guarantee that you will make progress according to our Progress Chart – if you commit to attending and participating in class, and doing assignments set by the teacher as homework. Our experienced teachers create inspiring activities and use innovative teaching materials from National Geographic Learning, which are tailored to give you the best possible learning experience. With small class sizes, personalised attention and a focus on communicative skills, we ensure results every time.  

We offer a free online test when you book with us so together, we can ascertain your level and as you can see, according to our chart, we can progress your level every 8 weeks. When you leave us, you are given another test so you can see how much you have progressed in each of the 4 areas of language; Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. 

Weeks taken to learn English at internationally recognised levels

Our whole team of professionals are dedicated to providing an experience that meets your needs and helps you reach your targets. We have the Orange Carpet Experience which take out the stress of travelling and staying in a different country and our programs are developed around intensive instruction, interactive to ensure that you make progress at a comfortable pace.  

At EC Language Centres, we believe in always providing an engaging and efficient learning experience. That’s why we use innovative teaching methods that get real results. Our unique approach to language instruction has helped people from all walks of life reach their language goals quickly and efficiently. We actually teach you to learn – a skill which can be transferred to any subject and we provide a supportive environment where you can build confidence, increase your knowledge base and have fun while doing it.  

At EC Language Centres, we take pride in delivering results and we have worked hard over the last 30 years to ensure we hire the best teachers, have the most modern classrooms and nurture our students to enjoy learning.  

This is the EC Promise – our commitment to helping you get the results you want. With dedicated professionals, interactive activities and dynamic learning materials, you can be sure that you will make progress with us.  

We also offer EC Live online English courses, to give you the opportunity to start learning before you arrive and continue improving after you leave our full immersion courses. 

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