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An interesting English lesson on writing stories!

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Benjamin John Archer teaching a lovely little English lesson at EC LONDON 30+


Today, one of our wonderful teachers, Benjamin John Archer, taught a lovely English lesson with his class. They listened to him reading out a story at native-speaker speed and then they had to recreate the story based on the notes they had taken and their knowledge of English grammar. It’s a great exercise called a dictogloss.

It was great to see all of the different variations of the story and the wonderful ways they used the language and it was also nice to see the use of colour. They might all be over 30 here at EC London 30+ but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid to be creative!

What was really interesting was that in this English lesson the students combined their knowledge of grammar to make corrections until they finally had a workable version of the story Ben had told them. Great stuff altogether!

pic 1pic 2

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