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Meet Ludovica, our new intern – EC London 30+

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Let me introduce you to Ludovica who joined us a few weeks ago as a new intern 🙂

Name: Ludovica

Age: 23

Nationality: Italian

Mother tongue: Italian Studies: Bachelor`s Degree in Business Management

Home: In Italy, I live in a Rome suburb and in London I will live in Bethnal Green.

Job at EC English School: Student Services Intern 30+

How long are you going to stay at EC? Until June

Other languages: French

Hobbies: Learning languages, Travelling and Cooking

Family: I am an only child. My mother is the owner of a big restaurant based in my hometown and she is also the manager of it. My father used to work in a factory: just eight years ago he retired.

Studies and future plans: I will start a Master in Rome taught in English, specialized in Fashion Business.

Favourite food: Spaghetti alla carbonara

Favourite place in London: Notting Hill area

What is your favourite serie? I watch several series: I think the best for me is How to get away with a Murder, by Shonda Rhimes

What is your first impression of London? I feel good in London because it’s a big city where you can find something to do at anytime

Why did you choose London? I chose London because it is a city which can give you a lot of opportunities to take. Another aspect of London that I like is being a multicultural city: thanks to this it is possible to learn traditions and cultures of other countries. At the same TIME, I chose EC London because it was suggested by a friend but then I felt in love because I met new people and enjoyed beautiful moments that I will remember forever.


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