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Meditation and Learning English by Yunjeong Kim (Matilda)

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Modern society is becoming increasingly complex and people are being exposed to stressful situations. Also, They want to get rid of their stress and gather a lot of different ideas and ways to solve this issue. But, due to the fact that they are very busy, they can’t try to find solutions.


The more people are exposed to stress, the more people get impatient. Most of them, for one reason or another are very busy and their time is limited, They say we don’t have time to deal with our feelings.


Mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and dementia (Alzheimer’s disease) are too hard to treat. One of causes of this is that these conditions aren’t visible for us.

On the other hands, physical diseases such as cancer are very dangerous to cure. Despite this, we can see the cause of the disease. If the cause exists, then we can find a solution.


Sometimes, I get distracted and feel that in my mind is a mess, because there are some  things thatI have to do. For example, a deadline is coming up and I am beginning to grow impatient. At that time, I can’t organize my mind, and I can not do anything. To resolve the problem, the way I found  is to create a quiet atmosphere around me. In my experience, when I was in my schooldays, I often stayed up nights  to study for exams. when my memory failed, I always felt that my memory improved  at place which had a quiet surrounding, like a toilet.In other words, There are ways to find solutions to unresolved problems.


In conclusion, I think that to meditate is the same case. A modern society that is pushing to do everything quickly makes people more hasty. Therefore, They feel awkward having their own time. Silent activitie such as meditation are a useful way to help you focus on yourself.

In such things, the more you do meditation, the more you can help yourself focus. People get used to devoting individual time for  themselves.


This is the main reason we have to do meditation.

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