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The London trip is crazy! So many people want to go 🙂 We are so pleased that it has been so popular, I’m the day will be just as good too. It will be so much fun!

There are students visiting from Kazakhstan at the moment which is nice to see! They are being taken on individual activities everyday before their classes to make the most of their time in Bristol before they visit Brighton and spend some time studying there.

My friend Barbara has done a great job showing them around and making sure they have a brilliant time. We even provided them with very cheap Sim cards and topups for their phones to save them money on calling home and texting or calling eachother.. they even get some free! Needless to say, they were very chuffed!!

A few students have come up to me today to ask if they can extend their course which, ofcourse, we told them would be no problem. I’m really glad that they will be staying longer as we’re always sad to see them leave. Even the team here make friends with EC students.. Like I told you, one big family 🙂

Cheesy? Not atall!!

Anyway, I’d better go home. I have to get ready to take the students out for the pub night tonight that we do every Thursday!

We will be meeting at 8pm at a lovely pub called the Hole in the Wall. Very historic and traditional, with a fire and candles. Very English! But hopefully no fire will be lit today… it’s warm enough!!

I’ll take some photos and put them up in the blog tomorrow.

Maybe you will come along and say hi? See you there..

Fay xo

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