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A beautiful morning at the EC Language School in Bristol

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Morning morning morning!

Wow, what a lovely day it seems to be already! The sun has his hat on, students are studying be for class (!!) and everyone generally seems to be on a good vibe which is what you need for a good start to the day.

I’m promoting the Tour of London today as it’s the deadline for grabbing tickets. The tour is this weekend and it should be great! We’ve had a lot of interest from all of our students so fingers crossed that they will all decide to come along!

We have so many new students  at EC Bristol English School, a comfortable number where everyone is making new friends to keep in touch with when they leave. Some have even made plans to travel together and visit eachother’s countries!

Dan says hello and mentions his excitement about the new teachers that have started and those who are still due to start. This week we welcomed Sarah and Meg who seem to have completely settled into their new roles already. We have about 10 teachers now and we’ll have around 13 by next week. This allows classes to run smoothly as the students don’t have to compete for the teacher’s help and answers to their questions. The teachers can utilise their time efficiently, because they have an equal ratio of lesson time to the amount of students. No wonder the English in the school is so amazing!!

It’s great when I have to pop upstairs because I see all the classrooms buzzing with life and enjoyment while the students are learning. All of us can remember going to school and having a lesson we found boring or wishing we could skip, but not here! The students are eager to learn and hate the idea of not coming in to improve their English. To them it’s not just a school, it’s a small community of friends and family with whom they spend every day with. They love spending more time with one another in classes as it makes lessons even more fun and rewarding when they learn something knew with the help of their good friends and new teachers.

It’s all very positive here as you can tell and long may it continue!! Let me know if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day,
Fay xo

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