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Have you heard of an organization called  United World and schools(UWS)?


UWS is an organization that works in some of the world’s poorest regions to give every child access to free education. EC and UWS have succeeded to build schools in several countries such as Cambodia , Myanmar, and Nepal. EC also has a program to send staff to Cambodia once two years.

This year, our very own staff Ashley, went to Cambodia as a member of this program and get to see EC Sponsored schools in Cambodia. Therefore, EC Los Angeles decided to host CAMBODIA WEEK  to raise funds for our 2 schools in Cambodia!

Ashley with students in Cambodia



To kick off the week, Ashley gave a presentation about Cambodia.  She  shared her great experiences Cambodia and announced about our special guest Ileana Constantini, 3 time world champion hair stylist. She agreed to help us make Cambodia week special with her awesome talents:)


Many students attending the Presentation



On Tuesday, we throw a bake sale!!  Thanks to all the students and teachers who brought their deserts, it was a huge success!



Bake sale
Bake sale with special guest Ileana



Check the next post to find out what happened in the second  half of a Cambodia week!



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