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Some insight on Fitness by Student Eros Paolo Adelizzi

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The term Fitness, includes health, training and diet. In this summery I will explain the different activities and aspects of physical fitness and the importance of a balanced diet to battle obesity.

Many people every day use excuses such as ‘I can’t because…’, ‘I don’t have time today…’, for not practicing physical activities. These people are divided into active and inactive people. An example of inactive people are the ‘’couch-potatoes’’. Training is very important in our daily life, and you can do it with a lot of different sports. The different aspect of physical fitness are strength that is the ability to employ a large quantity of force, so the people reach the peak of the force. We can find this in sports like weight lifting or power lifting or Arm wrestling. Power is another ability composed of strength plus quickly movement and we can find it especially in boxing and mostly in every sport. Speed is the ability to cover distance quickly example in swimming and running. Agility & flexibility is the range of the motion that can reduce the chance of injury and gives good muscle tone example yoga & Pilates. The last is endurance or stamina that is the ability to sustain physical exertion such as when running a marathon or swimming.

Many people are unfit due to lack of sleep, motion, procrastination, and also because of poor diets. Many scientific studies show the differences in many countries between 1998 and 2000 where it is found that obesity is on the increase and this is caused because of wrong food choices. A healthy balanced diet is very for us all.
It is therefore important to exercise frequently, have a regular life (wake up and go to sleep early), stop smoking, do not drink alcohol, eat healthy food and enjoy regular workouts with your friends.

Written by Eros Paolo Adelizzi, General English Course student from Italy

Free Zumba Classes for EC Malta Students
Free Zumba Classes for EC Malta Students


Free Zumba Classes for EC Malta Students
Free Zumba Classes for EC Malta Students

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