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Turkish junior student's testimonial about Malta Language School

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Ekran Alıntısı

” Hi,my name is Melis Okur. I am 15 and i was in junior day programme. This is my fourth week in Malta Language School and it’s a really amazing experience for me. I met a lot of people, I made a lot of friends, I had fun and learned so many things. Leaders,activities,classes,teachers are really amazing, this is my last day but I really don’t wanna go home.This feeling is incredible and seriously I can not describe it to you. With one of my friend we are the craziest girls in EC Malta, we made that everybody had fun. We made people laugh and I am sure that no one will forget about us because we are the language house girls! I am not going to forget those things too.This is my best summer in my life. I want to come here like every year. I also learned another languages too. It is really good to have friends from other nationalities. Parties are the best activities and favourite place for hangout is beach. If I would come back to Malta for education, I will choose EC again because EC is the best! “

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