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Student's notes about lecture in Malta Language School

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Cemil Uruc – Turkish student of Malta Language School




” Australia consists of six states. There is Queensland, New South wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.  The Australia famous food is barbecue. Australian people like beer. Australian money is Australian dollars, coins are bigger than two Australian dollars coins.  Willem Janszoon, a dutch navigator, discovered Australia in 1606. Australian aborigines are the original in-habitants of the Australian continent. The culture of Australia is essentially western. The Australian people speak English, it is the predominant language. Australia today has a great diversity of cultural practices. The Royal Anthem of Australia is ‘’God save the Queen’’. The population is around 22 million.  The capital of Australia is Canberra and the prime minister is Tony Abbott MP.  Australian climate and seasons are Summer between December to February, Autumn between March to May, Winter between June to August and Spring from September to November. Temperate regions are in the south. Animal population is more than the people population and the kangaroos are around 60 million. In Australia, a lot of snakes live. Australian famous flora are Banksia, Boronia, Mountain devil… So Australia is multi-coloured.  Australian people like house riding, football, tennis, swimming.  Australia is a very safe country because there are many rules. So, I love Australia. “

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