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4 Ways to Learn English Around Manchester

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If you are considering studying English abroad for a few weeks or months, either to improve your academic or professional future, we have a suggestion: study English in Manchester! In recent years, it has become a hugely popular destination. In 2017 alone, the city received around 1,319,000 visitors! In addition, Manchester has been chosen as the best city to live in in the United Kingdom for several years running. These two factors have brought many students there,eager to study English and fall in love with this vibrant place.


Manchester bridge


Economy, Art, Culture and Music!

Manchester is famous for its low cost of living. Compared to big cities like London, Manchester can be up to 30% cheaper for those who decide to live there. This economic benefit allows students to afford more social and cultural events and really live the life of a local. Famous for its excellent music scene, where great artists such as Oasis, Take That and The Smiths began their careers, Manchester is also a popular destination among lovers of history and art. After class you can join EC Manchester’s trips to places like the Museum of Science and Industry or the Lowry Art Centre. Or simply venture with your friends to explore the city as you please.


Enjoy Their Love of Football

Do you like football? Then studying English in Manchester is a must! If you are a football and sports lover, in Manchester you can spend every moment of your free time enjoying its sports scene. Become a fan of Manchester United or Manchester City and attend football matches at any of the local stadiums. Our EC school, for example, offers visits to the Manchester United stadium and has its own football club where you can play games with your teachers and other students.


EC Manchester offers visits to the Manchester United stadium


It’s a Super Popular Student Destination

In 2018, Manchester was considered one of the best cities for students. If you decide to venture out and study English here, you will share the city with over 100,000 students. Manchester is popular not only for its multiculturalism, but also for its friendliness. You will be able to practice your English with students from all over the world and make friends inside and outside the classroom. In addition, many students love travelling on their weekends as it’s so accessible to do so from Manchester.


I Love Manchester EC English Students


We assure you, whatever your interest, in Manchester you will never get bored! In addition, whatever the English course you are going to take, you can enjoy the activities offered by our school after class such as conversation sessions, pronunciation courses or visits to tourist places around the city.

And you, what do you expect to be captivated by this wonderful city?


Study English in Manchester and live a unique experience.


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