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Student, Celia, reviews our Manchester English school

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EC Manchester Covid Safe

Celia is learning English in Manchester with EC. Find out what it’s like being a student in Manchester during Covid and what we are doing to help her improve her English while keeping her feeling safe and secure.

I am currently on a language study trip to Manchester at the EC Manchester English school. As far as my school is concerned, I feel very safe and secure. The recommendations are being seriously implemented. For example: wearing a mask required, the distance between each person, disinfectant is available, every morning our temperature is taken, etc. But that in no way affects my learning. The teachers are available and help us if necessary. I have had great encounters. This “strange” situation makes us more united and connected with the people I have met.

Regarding the situation in general, I feel as safe here as in Switzerland. When I arrived I carried out a strict 14-day quarantine. It allowed me to have time to discover my host family. Despite the restrictions, over the next three weeks, I was able to explore the city, while feeling safe. I noticed when I entered closed places, there were always security guards who enforced the rules. Recently new restrictions are in effect, this does not take away the pleasure of my stay. The people I have met are more conscientious about the situation than in Switzerland. Before I left for Switzerland, I noticed that many people were breaking the rules, especially regarding the wearing of masks on public transport. Here if you do not have a mask you cannot enter the transportations and any other places.

I live in a welcoming family. I have a very good understanding of the lady with whom I live. She cleans the door handles several times a day. The bathroom is also washed after each use. I have nothing to say. Hygiene maintenance is much more than ideal.

I don’t know what to say more. Despite the restrictions, this is an equally enriching experience, even more, enriching for me. In conclusion, I see the situation very well.

Celia, Switzerland


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