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Caméline Chantre: "I will come back as soon as possible…"

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Cameline Chantre represents an EC Montreal achievement!  Let me explain.  Caméline started her journey at EC Montreal on July 15.  She is a young lady from France who booked a 10-week stay.  During her first week, we received her arrival survey results where she indicated that she was not happy so far because she was feeling lonely.  This comment was like a shot to my heart.  At EC Montreal, the customer experience is extremely important to us.  We go out of our way to ensure our students have a positive and pleasant time and feel good about their decision to choose Montreal as a destination to learn.

I personally met with Cameline to see what we could do for her.  She explained that as she was living with family members off the island of Montreal in an area called Nun’s Island, she was feeling lonely.  She also did not feel comfortable going out on EC evening activities as she did not want to travel home alone.

cameline 3

I told her that we actually had homestay hosts living on Nun’s Island and we would be happy to introduce her to the students living there.  I also spoke with our activity leader and told him all about Cameline’s hesitations and to take special care of her.  I asked him to introduce her to many students.

I was delighted to see Cameline participating in all of EC Montreal’s activities from that moment on!  It was amazing to see her smiling in all the group pictures taken by our activities staff.

Today is Cameline’s last day at EC Montreal.  She took the time to write a wonderful testimonial.  Here is what she had to say:


I came here to improve my English and it’s what I’ve done thanks to you!  I was able to speak with people from all over the world and it really had an impact on my fluency because I didn’t have a choice but to speak English.  Moreover, I’ve really enjoyed my trip in Montreal.  There are a lot things to do here, with numerous people.  For me, it was very interesting to share my culture and to learn about others.  I will recommend EC to a friend without hesitating.  Honestly, I’ll remember all the people that I met and their friendliness!  I will really miss it but for sure, I will come back as soon as possible!


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