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And Now a Word From Our Teachers…

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Every week, EC Montreal is sharing feedback from our team of teachers.  It is important to hear what they have to say about teaching online, about blended learning and what the future holds for the EFL industry.

This week, we are hearing from our English teacher, Pooria Tayaran, who has been teaching our English classes, IELTS preparation classes, as well as English in the City.  He is a very popular teacher and loved by his students.  He has won our month Teacher of the Month contest many times!

Here is what Pooria had to share with everyone about his experience teaching EC Virtual:

I have been teaching at EC Montreal for the past three years.  I enjoy working in this EFL industry.  I like making a difference and seeing our students improve.  I also love coming into contact with people from all walks of life. 

What I have noticed regarding online lessons is that we have greater flexibility and more customized lessons giving a lot more attention to individual students and their learning needs.

When we return to our onsite classes, I foresee following physical distancing.  Verifying homework, pair work and moving around the class will be a little more challenging.

I think blended learning is a fantastic idea!  Since students’ mobility is affected by the pandemic, we can expand our reach by mixing online and onsite classes.

Throughout this pandemic, I have tried to focus on positive news and in helping our students deal with stress.  It has been vital to set clear objectives and giving constructive feedback in order to help our students do the tasks and to stay motivated.

I think the pandemic has sped up the transition of the entire education industry as a whole to online platforms, which is a positive thing.

I would expect EC to follow the physical distancing guidelines at the school in order to keep our students and staff safe.  I expect to see more integration of the online platforms to our courses and services, realizing the fact that teachers spend much more time correcting homework and giving feedback to students after their English or French virtual classes.

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