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Throwback Thursday!

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This week’s Throwback Thursday image is our annual ice cream days at EC Montreal!  I still remember the first ice cream day we organized as our Wednesday complimentary activity!  We were experiencing a heat wave in the city, similar to the one we are living this week in Montreal. It was hot and humid!  Students were surprised to see that Montreal has tropical weather!  They were not expecting it.  There were some grumblings from the students and we wanted to do something to cool them off and make them happy!

We set up the student lounge with a variety of ice cream flavours, different types of cones and toppings such as whipped cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, strawberry, as well as colourful sprinkles!  Every student that entered the student lounge was smiling from ear to ear!  They served themselves to different flavoured scoops and took so many pictures of themselves enjoying the treats and of the colourful display we had set up!  It was such a successful activity that we decided to repeat it several times throughout the summer and made it an annual event on our activity calendars.  We also held frozen treat days and every July 25, we celebrate Christmas in July when Santa comes to visit wearing his summer shades bringing ice cream for all the students to enjoy!

This week’s throwback image is one of our absolute favourites!  We love to make our students happy and to surprise them week after week with our complimentary activities.  Every week our students look forward to the “fun Wednesdays” making friends, sharing jokes, practicing their language skills and having a wonderful time!  When the time is right, we look forward to resuming these social gatherings.

It is a hot week in Montreal!  Enjoy a cone or two to help you cool off while you are taking your English or French online classes.

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