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Canadian foods

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Canadian-foodsStudying at our Vancouver English Centre is your chance to try different Canadian foods. The most famous Canadian food around the world is Poutine, a nice healthy mountain of crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside fries with a big drizzle of hot gravy and a nice scoop of cheese curds. It truly is one of Canada’s most delicious foods, but it doesn’t stop there.

Butter tarts are one of the most confusing desserts because of its name but it really is a delicious two bite tart made with eggs, butter and sugar. But the winner of confusing dessert names are Beavertails, not to worry, no Canadian Beavers are harmed in the process of making the exquisite dessert. Think of a churro but very large and flat, covered in Nutella, peanut butter, honey or really anything you can imagine. Something very special that you can only get in Canada are Ketchup potato chips. Yes, you read correctly, Ketchup potato chips! They are an extremely delicious snack to have on the go but be careful as they will stain your fingers a little bit. But it’s all worth the deliciousness of the chips.

It doesn’t get any more Canadian than Maple Taffy. To make maple taffy all you need is a big chunk of clean fresh snow and some hot, melted Maple Syrup. Take the syrup and pour some of it on your clean chunk of snow. Then, after a few minutes, check if it has set. Grab a popsicle stick and roll your taffy so you can enjoy it. Canadian foods sure are very interesting, eh!?

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