EC Boston Swan Boats with Rachid

Students Visit The Swan Boats in Boston Common

Our wonderful teacher, Rachid Hsein, took a group of students to visit The Swan Boats in Boston Common last week. One of the most incredible things about The Swan Boats in Boston is that they’ve been in operation since 1877. That means that for almost 150 years, people have been coming to Bost … Read more

EC Boston Students Enjoy Their First Ice Cream Social

This week, our students gathered for a new activity, ice cream social! We had many different flavors of ice cream and toppings. The activity gave students a great opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves after another challenging day of Learning English in Boston but made sure that they kept workin … Read more

Meet Olivia, our EC Boston Summer Intern

Hi everyone! If you haven’t met me yet, my name is Olivia Stevens and I’ll be working as a Student Services Volunteer Intern to help you learn english in boston this summer! I will be starting my third year this September at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., where I study Linguistics … Read more

Goodbye from our SSC Christina

Hi EC Boston students! I have some sad news to share with you. Our wonderful Student Services Coordinator, Christina will be leaving soon to continue her career and studies in New York. I want to thank Christina for all that she’s done for students and EC Boston. Her helpful and thorough, forward-th … Read more

Cleaning the Air at EC Boston!

Cities around the world face the concern of air quality. Even Boston, whose reputation for having clean air is partly earned by being perched on the windy Atlantic Ocean, faces the issue of air pollution. With the general public’s focus on air pollution, however, we sometimes forget how important ai … Read more