Goodbye from our SSC Christina

Hi EC Boston students! I have some sad news to share with you. Our wonderful Student Services Coordinator, Christina will be leaving soon to continue her career and studies in New York. I want to thank Christina for all that she’s done for students and EC Boston. Her helpful and thorough, forward-th … Read more

Cleaning the Air at EC Boston!

Cities around the world face the concern of air quality. Even Boston, whose reputation for having clean air is partly earned by being perched on the windy Atlantic Ocean, faces the issue of air pollution. With the general public’s focus on air pollution, however, we sometimes forget how important ai … Read more

EC wants to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!

We live on a beautiful planet that, unfortunately, we sometimes don’t treat as well as we should. However, here at EC Boston, we try our best to maintain a sustainable school. We have recycling bins at every corner and our teachers make sure to re-use paper whenever possible! Boston is a city … Read more

Boston runs the 123rd Boston Marathon!

The most important Monday of the year in Boston in Marathon Monday! Known as Patriots Day officially, it is a day where the city of Boston shuts down and everyone goes to either run the Marathon or watch the Marathon! Many of our students, teachers, and staff enjoy watching the marathon every year! … Read more

Meet our Intern Lorenzo!

Hi everyone, For those of you who don’t know me, I am Lorenzo. I am from Switzerland, I am 19 years old and I just graduated from high school. At the end of June I will join the Swiss Army for about 10 months. After that I will start my studies at university. I play tennis but I like sports in gener … Read more

Sunday Experience with our new students!

Every Sunday, EC brings our new students to Cheers’s Quincy Market location to welcome them to Boston! Cheers is a famous bar featured in a TV show back in the 90s, and now it has multiple locations in Boston! Last Sunday, our SSC Stephen took new students from Brazil, South Korea, and Japan t … Read more