Do you have any GREAT pictures of Boston?

Hey EC students! I hope you’re studying hard and keeping that attendance up!

I thought I’d tell you a little bit about myself! One hobby of mine is taking pictures. I love to take pictures, especially around the city of Boston, and to find new places to get good shots. So, I thought I’d run a photography contest for all students at EC Boston. Share an original photo that you’ve taken of a site in Boston to our Facebook page or email it to me: The contest will run for a week starting NOW, and will end at the close of classes on next Friday. So get sharing! Take a little break, while you study ESL abroad at EC Boston, and take some pictures!

I almost forgot what you get if you win the contest! Your picture will be featured on our Facebook page and on this blog with a little interview if you get the best shot! If its really good, I will personally get your picture printed out and framed and put up in the office.

May the best photographer win!!!prudential

Here’s a picture that I took on the top of a parking garage of downtown Boston.