TOEFL Student Writes about 3D Printing

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Christi’s TOEFL class

3D printing is a new revolution that can modify several aspects of the world, such as the economy, laws, medicine and environment. Furthermore, videos, lectures and interviews are already discussing this technology and its impacts on the society and consequently a new dynamic of consumer culture.

According to a video about 3D printing, people have been discussing this technology because it can transform the culture of customization. “A customer goes from passive consumer to active creator”, declared in the video. Besides the economy, the marketplace can be totally affected. One point is a change in product sales. For example, people will be able to design their own products; a product will be brought to the market with no risk because stock will not be needed and the products will become unique, more valuable and expensive. However, some companies are scared of losing their clients and some people are afraid of losing their jobs.

The video also states the impacts on case laws and medicine. As well as what happened to the model of the music industry, copyrights could be a problem for 3D industry because people will be making copies of products. And the real problem in the law would be the fact that there is no history about this technology. It would be an unprecedented case law that would be difficult for judges and lawyers to solve. Secondly, medicine would be affected principally by transplants. Scientists have been discussing the use of blood cells in 3D printing and it would provide transplants with no donors by printing real organisms. In addition, this tool could improve medical structures like models of babies instead of pictures.

Listening to a lecture and a BBC interview, diverse ideas can be thought of too. According to the Forgac’s lecture, it would be possible use leather and meat without killing animals. Today, a lot of animals are killed to provide human’s food. On the contrary, to use the printers by taking cells from animals or growing leather could create biofabrication, where the sustainability would be improved and would change animal production. Another interesting fact is about the interview where a man talks about plastic guns that are already available. This means that the world will need to worry about the future of the new technology. For example, who would work the metal detectors in the airports if people start using the printers to make bombs and guns?

Therefore, there would be a lot impacts on the society with 3D printing, from the economy to medicine and environment. In my mind, as well all new the technologies, doubts are always raised about advantages and disadvantages for the future; on the other hand, the world has always been adapting these technologies. Changes in the law, the medicine and in the culture will happen and people will adjust to it. The challenges are the way that people will use the new technologies.