What’s the oldest university in the UK?

Oxford Ruben

Last week was very busy at EC Brighton, we received a lot of new students, so we were working hard all the week. Due to this reason, I decided to travel during the weekend to enjoy it. I knew that I would like to get to know other historical places of England, so I looked for a trip with these characteristics.

Last Saturday I was very excited, I was going to Windsor and Oxford, two very famous places for different reasons all over the world. The first place is known as one the favourite residences of the England’s Queen where the Royal Family spend much of the holidays. The second one is one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Windsor is close to London and it is a beautiful historical English town. I arrived there early, where I spent the time with a tour around the most important places of the town. In addition, I had the chance to go to the Windsor Castle, the favourite residence of the Queen. It is about 900 years old and it is the main attraction of the town. I watched the Royal Guard change, which represents one of the traditions of the British monarchy.

After my visit to Windsor, I went to Oxford, the oldest university in the UK. Also it is one in the top five best universities in the world. Furthermore, there are some interesting museums to visit, like the Ashmolean Museum and the History of Science Museum. Some very famous movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Harry Potter were filmed there. I visited the amazing Christ Church, used for inspiration as Hogwarts, and the place where Harry Potter was filmed. I really enjoyed this time there.

To sum up, it was a very pleasant experience to get to know these places. I think that study ESL abroad at EC Brighton gives you the opportunity to travel all over the country as Discovery Tours offer you some interesting trips that you can book at school!