Keep fit and be Happy

Scientific research shows that happiness is directly linked to “Wellbeing”. This is why EC Brighton wants as many staff and students to get involved in our fitness programmes including football, yoga, country walks, cliff jogging and even beach-volleyball when the weather is nice !

“There is a lot of research showing how happiness contributes to physical health, even to longevity. At the same time, when we neglect our physical needs—poor nutrition, lack of exercise and sleep—we pay a high price in terms of our happiness.” —TAL BEN-SHAHAR, positive psychology expert, author and lecturer

If you want to try a nice free workout at the weekend or in the evening, why not go on the “Brighton Seafront Healthwalk” from Brightom Marina to Hove Lagoon. there are signs like this one all along the way


For more details check out this link

Or for 9 other healthwalks in Brighton & Hove check this link

Keep fit and keep smiling – Be Happy !