Mariarosa: “A friend recommended EC Brighton”. Moonji: “I improved my English a lot!”

Hello my name is Mariarosa from Italy.

I came to Brighton because one of my friends told me that EC is a good school and Brighton is a very nice city. I improved my English, in particular when it comes to speaking. My favorite activity has been team work during lessons because I can speak and compare my ideas with my classmates. I liked the people around me and my host family was very kind. My friends come from Turkey, Switzerland and Italy.

Hi I’m Moonjin from Korea.

I’ve been in Brighton for 5 month. Time went by so fast, and it’s time to go back. I really enjoyed my time in Brighton and I think I improved my English a lot. All of my teachers were perfect. So if my friends ask me about a language school in the UK, I will definitely recommend EC Brighton!! Thank you for everything!!