Thursday joy

Joy, excitement, happiness, delight, bliss.. whatever you want to call it, it is becoming infectious around EC because it is the end of the penultimate day before the weekend. Yeeaahhhh!

And, what a lovely day it has been too 🙂 It was absolutely freezing cold this morning when I stepped out my front door, but it has really warmed up and the sun has been a little hazy in the sky behind the occasional thin cloud. Look at me coming over all poetic!

Sorry about that…

It’s the pub night tonight woohoo so everyone is having a little social get together at the local, which this week is The White Harte. No no, I have not spelt that wrong, it’s called a hart because that is the name of an animal. It’s sort of like a deer or a moose.. but more like a deer. A big white and cream Bambi with slightly furry antlers! Whereas you may have been thinking I meant a heart, as in a beating heart in your chest. A mini one to one there… I charge by the hour 😉 haha

Well, I’d better pop off now because it’s the end of the day already for me, but I still have a few bits and pieces to finish off. Today has really flown by! Phew, time for bed I think!!

Speak soon,

Fay xo