Signal Hill & Dinner at Rafikis

The weather is getting better and better so what’s nicer than ending a beautiful day with a sunset and burgers?! We met at 6 o’clock in front of the school where a cab would pick us up. At first we expected that only 6 people would join for the outing but eventually we were with 12!
When we arrived at Signal Hill it was packed. Everybody was there to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine or some beer and food, especially the couples. And indeed, the sunset was beautiful! Everybody just sat back, relaxed, didn’t talk and just enjoyed the view. As soon as the sun disappeared the temperature dropped and we started to get hungry, it was time to go to Rafiki’s Restaurant. When we arrived at Rafiki’s most of us ordered the burgers because there was a special offer (2 burgers for R85!), except Bo and Esmee, who both ordered a pizza and Claudio ordered tapas. After everybody’s tummy was filled it was time to go home and get ready for a new day

– Marvin, EC Cape Town Intern