Great Inventions To Make Life Better!

Students in Linda’s Intermediate class had to think of daily tasks and create an invention to make life easier or better

Mohammed B
Mohammed from Iran came up with a product called ‘Genius Gen’ which promises, after one injection, to make your memory better so that you can study effectively and also remember numbers- the latest in genetic engineering! Why is this product great? Because he can “save your time! Because we know time is money”

Genius Gen
Hajer & Yasmin from Libya invented the ‘Smart Cooker’ which allows you to cook a meal with no effort at all! All that is needed is to place all the ingredients in your ‘Smart Cooker’, select your type of meal and the time it needs to cook and wait. While you wait Hajer & Yasmin recommend relaxing, walking on the beach, or even taking the ‘the longest shower you could have..ever’! They add that the best thing about the product is that it will also clean itself 🙂

Smart Cooker