Learning English in Dublin during lockdown

Dublin before lockdown

Like many students, Yavuz from Turkey was abroad when the coronavirus pandemic virus struck. Here he shares his experience of learning English in Dublin during this time.

Learning English in Dublin

I am about the finish my course. Next week will be the last week for me.

I want to thank you and all the EC Dublin English school team. Your interest and effort to find a solution to the unfortunate conditions were amazing. I attended all the online English lessons, our teachers were so great, Manlio, Michela and Tina. I would like to thank you again for your good choices.

I was stuck at my accommodation in Dublin, DCU campus Shanowen Hall place about 40 days, alone and without talking anybody here, going somewhere except DCU Campus and Albert College Park where next to my accommodation. But I am happy to experience this kind of situation for the first time in my life. I am thinking I did take advantage of this unfamiliar time as much as I can, by more studying and more spending hours in the nature in Albert College Park.

So, as soon as finish this Corona condition, I am planning to come to your school again, I want to make my English learning as I wish, in the classroom not online. I will choose EC Dublin again, because of my good memories and your friendly hospitality and also great teachers. I will suggest your school to my friends and lecturers from my university, especially in my university there are so many 30+ lecturers and postgraduate and doctoral students who they all need to improve their English to attend courses abroad. I believe many of them will choose you, after corona.

So, actually, my flight was postponed, I was very unhappy, but luckily, today, our foreign ministry declared they would send a plane for those like me in Dublin. According to the restriction rule, they will send us for 14 days’ quarantine.

I will absolutely come again in a good time to EC Dublin and I will recommend EC Dublin to my friends.

Thanks to you again, see you soon in better days without any virus risks.

Yavuz from Turkey