Learn English and Paint!

. From this week students at EC Malta can combine their English Language Course with Art Lessons! Or even choose to go and sketch some of Malta’s diverse landscape with artist Madeline Gera. Students can choose one of the following: 1. Art with a difference An ideal extra curricular course for … Read more

Maltese Medicine.

On Sunday I had some first hand experience of the medical system here in Malta. After feeling a little ill all day one of my friends became fevery and delirious. After listening to her talking nonsense for a while, we decided that we should probably get her to hospital. We decided not to call EC Mal … Read more

St Paddy’s Day

I hope you’re all finding something green to wear and getting ready to go out tonight and celebrate St. Patricks Day. The patron saint of Ireland is supposed to have brought Catholicism to many northern partsof the country, and banished snakes. The day is often linked with the colour green and … Read more


Today we said goodbye to the 50+ group that have been with us here in Malta for the past two weeks. In a small certificate ceremony the students received their hard earned certification while enjoying some pastizzi and refreshments at the same time! There was plenty of smiles but also a few sad good … Read more

Tequila Thursday at Fuegos!

Fuegos is a salsa bar in Paceville that caters to all tastes! Last night some EC students hit the dance floor to make some shapes. The interior is interestingly decorated with a jungle theme, and there’s a great atmosphere as everyone there is enjoying the night out. It’s great for those … Read more

Harbour Cruise Friday 6th.

Pouring rain and some hail on the EC building did not inspire great hope in me for what the harbour cruise would be like. We arrived at the seashore under slightly better skies and all boarded the vapur (maltese for ship). The weather turned out to be unimportant as the boat was well covered by a pl … Read more


The EC Malta staff from Language House and EC Central had a great Sunday touring around Malta with photographer Duncan Zammit from Uphotomalta trying out EC’s latest activity being offered to all EC students: The Malta Photographic Tour. This tour allows students to visit the unseen corners of the i … Read more