EC Malta Team building weekend for the School Admin Team

The admin team at EC Malta were treated to a weekend in a traditional farmhouse in Gozo last November. Friday night we all went for dinner followed by a mini bachelor’s party for our colleague Mark. Philip, Shane and Stefan dressed up as topless bunny girls and danced around him. It was a hilarious performance … Read more

EC Malta Student essay on Fitness by Younghye Lim from Korea

Nowadays, a great proportion of people are too busy to take care of their health. There are so many excuses, however, were people to change their minds, their health would be much better than before. We can improve our physical fitness by doing exercise and physical activity. First and foremost, we have to exercise at … Read more

EC Malta November Events

Check out some of the many events EC students can join during the month of November! Feel free to come to the EC Reception if you would like some more information and to confirm your booking.

EC Malta Student Message by Tatiana Urusova

I came back to my country 5 days ago. But I miss Malta! Every day I say «Thank you EC school, thank you Malta!» Thank you for knowledge, Thank you for my new friends, Thank you for making me open my mind, Thank you for giving me motivation for future goals, Thank you so much … Read more