Essay about the Miami Lecture – Natalia Cuestas

“The lecture was about Miami: About the history, what we can find there, what we can do there, , and some other interesting things about it.


Miami was founded on the 28th July 1896 by Julia Tuttle. Before she discovered the place, Miami was inhabited by the Tequesta Indians in Miami. Miami is usually Called the “ Capital of Latin America” and it is because its airport is one of the biggest in America. Actually there is a lot of connection flights which connect America with Europe. There are direct flights from Miami with the rest of the World.

The weather in Miami is warm; the temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius on average. You must be careful in June and November because it is the hurricane season.


Miami is famous for many different things. For example, medical tourism, conventions is another thing Miami is known for. People go for convention and stay in “Boutique Hotels” decorated with “art-deco”. Another option is to take a cruise.

Actually 4 million people arrive in Miami, on a cruise every year.

There are many things to do in Miami. For example you can go to the Everglades or the “Vizcaya” which is a beautiful place with a “Venetian Style” . You can go, as well to the “new world Symphony” , an amazing  building where young people can go to learn music. Last but not least , you can go to support any sport team : Miami Dolphins, Marlins…  depends on which sport do you like. ”



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