EC Malta student visits Sicily

Sicily tour was a great!!



There were two places we visited during the tour; Mt.Etna, where we climbed up the mountain and the old city Modica where there are world Heritages.

Firstly, Mt.Etna was a splendid mountain. It had the most wonderful view I have ever seen and there was little snow. Therefore for people who have not seen snow, it must be great experience but it depends on the season. It was a little cold, so you should bring some warm clothes.



And then, the view of Modica was also very beautiful!! There were many buildings which were made of old stone, so I felt as if I was in another world. And Modica is famous for chocolate, we tasted it. Very delicious!!! I bought some chocolate as gifts for my friends and family.

I experienced a lot of things that I have never experienced before. If you want to go to Sicily, you should book as soon as possible!!!


Takashi Ebisu, from Japan, studied at EC English School in Malta!