Student Writing: Can Psychologists Read Human Thoughts?

Students in all of our classes strive to improve their writing skills while at EC Miami. One of our students, Tatiana, who has sadly left EC Miami today to return to Russia, is a psychologist in her home country. She constantly strives to educate others about her field both in and out of class, and many of our students have learned a lot from her. We wanted to display one of her essays here because it asks a question that many people have debated: do you really believe that psychologists could read human’s thoughts? That’s see what our EC Miami expert thinks about this intriguing question!

“Even though there are  differences between  psychologists, psychotherapists and  psychiatrists  that people are often misunderstood, the latter  may lead to the negative consequences. If you are considering one of these professions, take care not to mistaken one for another. Accurate research needs to be done, in order to understand the criteria required for each profession.

Sometimes people are afraid of psychologists because they think that they have a possibility to get into their brains. Some people believe that becoming a psychologist is  a ticket to know other people’s business and an opportunity to know  about others everything. Do you really suppose that psyhologists can read you thoughts? Definitely, not. It just prejudice and this kind of attitude exist in reality within our society.

I would shortly like to provide you with a synopsis into this  amazing professional field that indeed opens the door to the bottom (deep) of human mentality. Considering that psychology is a quite young science there are a lot of fields that you might be interested in. Firstly, you have to understand  what kind of people would you prefer working with?

If you are interested in some people who have mental disorders like,  schizophrenia, psychosis, neurosis  and would like to help them, you can strive to be a psychiatrist. It is a difficult and hard job but also a very interesting and challenging occupation because you will have the opportunity to understand the roots of human mentality and you can have a good practice with diagnostics. Moreover, it requires a general medical education, a lot of strength of your own mentality for not  suddenly going slightly mad after spending too much time working with ill patients.

On the other hand, every one struggles with common daily issues, for instance  coping with such kind of stressful events like, losing a loved-one, being unemployed for a long time, rites of passage  etc. There are no assurances to be protected from adversity that could become a reason  for negative consequenses like depression, low self-esteem, anxiety etc. So, if you like to help people who are suffering and lack of the strength to manage these situations themselves you could strive to become a psychotherapist. In this case it is not necessary to have a medical degree. Nevertheless, you have to have a lot of your own virtues,  like warmth, kindness, responsiveness, generosity and above all to be sensitive to your clients. Moreover,  there are many types of psychotherapies that  are based on different theoretical approaches and applied on completely different methods and techniques. You can not use them all, thus, you must read and learn a lot before you choose what kind of psychotherapy you woud be keen on using in your practice.

Lastly, if you would like to support people by consulting them with desicion making  in broad fields of life like organizations, educations, families  etc…  you can strive to be a psychologist. However, one needs to be very objective and not to force clients into making a choice that you prefer. Everyone is the owner of their life, so, it must be only their choice.

To conclude,  psychology is very an exciting large area and if you interested in it be sure that it is not just profession. It is a vocation and you will dedicate to this subject all you life. Finally, it is wise to keep in mind that psychogists are not a wizards or warlocks and have never ever read anybody’s thoughts.”

We now know what Tatiana thinks. Does this make you want to join her field of work?



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