MBPD Captain Answers EC Student Questions

Does anyone know what the acronym MBPD stands for? If you guessed Miami Beach Police Department, you are correct! Today, Captain Mark Causey of the MBPD came to EC Miami to talk to students from the CAE, FCE, and Upper Intermediate classes at EC Miami. He answered many of our questions and we all learned a lot! For more pictures check out our Facebook page.

Captain Causey told us all about the units of the police department in Miami, including the Segway unit and the police boats. Students asked questions about the tops crimes in Miami and were not too surprised to find out that theft happens most frequently in this city.

Other students were interested to know about the officer’s personal experiences while on the job. We were shocked to find out that he has been shot, stabbed, and even shocked by a taser while at work. He also showed us videos of a high speed chase he was involved in and it was very exciting.

The Captain also told us some useful information (for all of the Miami partiers) about the legal blood alcohol level. We even learned a trivia fact about beer bottles – green bottles contain the highest alcohol content. Finally, he did a demonstration with one of our teachers, Reese, about how to test if someone is drunk when they are pulled over by an officer. Don’t worry; she passed the test!

We all left with some valuable information about how to keep safe at night and what to do if we are in a bad situation. On a day-to-day basis, Captain Causey reminded us to be friendly to police officers and remember that even though they arrest people and carry guns, they are regular people with families and bills and it’s nice to wave hi to them on the street sometimes!