May’s Student of the Month

As we mentioned before, every teacher of the month gets to choose one of their students to be the student of the month. Reese chose Sandro Angeli, an FCE student, from Schaffhausen, Switzerland to be her student of the month. Why did Reese choose Sandro? Keep reading to find out the answer to that question and also to learn about Sandro’s suggestions for students who are studying English in Miami.

Teacher’s Comments

Reese: “Sandro is a great student to have in class because he is always eager to offer answers to questions and start group discussions.  He has a great sense of humor, which keeps the class light-hearted, but he can be serious in test-taking situations.  I am confident that he will pass his FCE exams and I am hopeful that he will soon understand when to use the verb ‘make’ and when to use ‘do’!  🙂 Keep doing good work and taking risks, Sandro!”

Student’s Miami Recommendation

Sandro: “Miami is a very varied city with many possibilities to spend your free-time.  If you are interested in sports I would go to the American Airlines Arena to watch a basketball game by the Miami Heat.  You might like to make Party?  Nothing is easier than that!  In Miami Beach are some awesome clubs with fantastic light shows e.g. Mansion or Liv.  For the day after clubbing I recommend to relax on the beach or if it’s rainy and you like shopping then I suggest a trip to Dolphin Mall.  This is the most clearly arranged mall furthermore the prices are lower than in other Malls near Miami.”